Plan Ahead for a Great 2014-2015 School Year

plan-aheadInitial dates and locations have been set for the 2014-2015 School Year.  Board Contact information has been updated at right.  Begin making plans now to participate to the fullest in Thespian events next year!

Camp Thespis – LL “Stub” Stewart State Park – August 11-13

Leadership Summit – Ashland HS / OSF – September 20-21

Improv Festival – Mc Nary HS, Salem – October 4

Regionals – February 7

  • Northeast – Parkrose HS
  • Northwest – Westview HS
  • South – Redmond HS

State Festival – Salem Conference Center / Historic Elsinore Theatre – April 9-11


Troupe Directors should note that the annual Oregon Theatre Educators Association conference will take place October 10-11 at a location that is currently being finalized (but we can smell the salt air already!).

A Great STATE in Oregon!


  • Over 1200 Thespians
  • 56 Schools/Troupes
  • 68 workshops with more than 20 Guest Artists
  • 34 One Acts joining 3 Full Main Stage Shows
  • 118 Showcase Auditions 
  • 63 Tech/Design Entries
  • 26 Venues in 6 Downtown Salem Locations
  • Our first Junior Thespian Day
  • Over $2000 raised for Broadway Cares



Time for STATE! Time for GUIDEBOOK! Get it NOW!


guidebook-iconGUIDEBOOK is a mobile app being used by several State Festivals this year, and Oregon (green as we are) is certainly not going to be left behind.

CLICK HERE to download the app on any i-device, apple, android, whatever … and begin making the most of this weekend!

There will be no printed programs at State this year!  Don’t have a smart phone?  No worries!  Make friends with someone who does!  You can use the links below to print a One Act or Workshop schedule.

Look through the info on GUIDEBOOK, making special use of the SEARCH feature to find what you need to know.  And watch for updates!



The basic Festival Schedule will be on the back of your nametag (clever, no?)

There will be updates!  Listen to announcements, and make friends with people using Guidebook!


Everyones a Theaspian for webOver 1200 Thespians are about to converge on Salem, Oregon!

Workshops!  Main Stage!  One Acts!  Tech Events!

COMPLETE ONLINE (and smart-device-accessible) SCHEDULE COMING SOON!

Audition, One Act, and Tech Presentation times have been sent to Troupe Directors.

Remember to submit your Parade of Troupes Slide and (if you have one) Theatre Etiquette Video by Spring Break!



Thursday – THERE GOES MY HERO – Dress the part for your role in your own superhero adventure!

Friday – LET YOUR FREAK FLAG FLY – Celebrating fandoms of all kinds!

Regionals was just the beginning!

adventureIn the next month, Oregon Thespians statewide will begin preparing their participation in the 2014 State FestivalEVERYONE’S A THESPIAN.  The State Festival is April 3-5 in Salem.  Opportunities abound, and the deadline to participate in almost all of them is MARCH 6TH!

Here is your “Before March 6th” To Do List:

  • Register for State (this involves a lot, actually, including preparing a workshop or one-act, and organizing Tech entries).  Troupe Directors complete the online registration for state by clicking here to go to the registration site.  You can save your work and return to your registration any time before March 6.  Remember that seating in the Elsinore Theatre is determined in the order full payment is received.  The State Festival requires advance payment (before Spring Break).
  • If you had entries qualify for the State Showcase Auditions at State on April 3, click here to confirm participation and to receive an audition time.
  • Students!  Consider applying for an Oregon Thespians Scholarship.  Click here for Scholarship details.
  • Students again!  Consider running for the position of State Thespian Officer (STO) working as part of the Thespian Board, planning and executing next year’s exciting roster of events and opportunities.  Click here for STO info.
  • Troupe Directors!  Nominations are now open!  You can nominate yourself or others for one of the three Board positions that will be elected this year, or for Oregon’s career achievement award, The Melba Day Sparks Henning Award.  Click here to nominate someone online.
  • Troupe Directors again!  Funding is available through the Melba Day Sparks Henning Fund to support your participation in the EdTA Annual Conference in July (this year in Cincinnati).  Click here for more information.
  • Troupes!  Was there something about this year that made it special?  Did you face new challenges, contribute to new solutions, or otherwise focus your resource in a way above and beyond your typical success?  Apply for Honor Troupe by clicking here and preparing a presentation at State.

All of the above have an application/registration deadline of March 6 (this is a postmark deadline for any mailed items, online registration closes at midnight that night).

By Spring Break, remember to prepare your Parade of Troupes Powerpoint Slide, and submit your Theatre Etiquette Video.  Click the links for more information.

Stay tuned!  There’s no time to dance in the end zone following last weekend’s victories … the Adventure Continues!  Go to it!


oregonOREGON is where it’s at in terms of High School Theatre this weekend!

Nearly 1500 Thespians will be gathering at three Regional locations this Saturday, February 1st, for the 2014 Oregon Thespians Regionals … the first step to the 2014 State Showcase Auditions!

Tournament Coordinators are busy planning the very full and complex events of each location’s day.  Remember that last-minute changes create some major challenges for those scheduling rooms, judges, and rounds.  Be ready to make this weekend’s event a celebration of the great work being done throughout the state!

If you must make changes to your original registration, contact your event coordinators as soon as possible!


deadline-300x238REGISTER ONLINE FOR REGIONALS – Look through the information found here, and take a look through the Regionals SOP found hereThe registration deadline is THURSDAY, January 16.  Remember that students registered as Thespians need to be inducted Thespians and on EdTA’s roster before they are registered.

RECRUIT JUDGES– You can send prospective judges THIS LINK.  Each Troupe should be responsible for recruiting one judge for every 10 entries they’re bringing to the event.  Review the judge information found here, and get them to the Judge Training Day on Saturday, January 18.  We’d love to have judges registered by January 16 as well.


It’s not too early to THINK REGIONALS!


Regionals sneak up fast following the Holidays (which are sneaking up fast right now … just two weeks to Thanksgiving and Hanukkah … yikes)!

The registration deadline is January 16.  THAT is definitely too late to begin gathering information.  Start laying the groundwork now, so after the Winter Break your Troupe can assemble and submit an accurate registration representing some fine and well-prepared work.  (Registration will be live beginning December 10.)

Take a look at the information here, including entry limits and guidelines, and get the ball rolling!  If you are planning to attend the International Thespian Festival in Lincoln in June (remember that you don’t “qualify” to attend this event, though you can qualify to participate in Individual Events there) you may wish to visit this site and pay particular attention to material selection (important resources are at the end of the NIES Guide).

Remember that Pantomime is an event in Oregon that is no longer included in the National Individual Events Showcase (NIES) process (but it’s no less fun!).

Click here for Oregon Thespians Regionals event guidelines.

Click here for NIES guidelines.

Fill the Empty Stage!

ghost lightAn empty stage can be a magical place, with so much promise and possibility.  At State, though, we want to fill our empty stage with a celebration of what high school theatre in Oregon is all about!

As your Troupe prepares and presents your season of productions this Fall, consider helping to fill the empty stage at The Historic Elsinore Theatre for our State Festival in April.  Apply for one of the Main Stage Production slots!

Applications take advance planning and preparation, and there are some very important deadlines, so review the information found here.

Shows performed from January 2013 to January 15, 2014 are eligible.  The application deadline is December 15, 2013.  Contact Kelley Marchant with any questions!

Showtime Across Oregon!

Curtain Going UpWe had a great time together at Improv Fest last weekend, where we learned that a few ambitious Troupes have already mounted and struck the first successful productions of the year.  For most of us, though, the next few weeks contain an Opening Night, and an opportunity to get out and share some of the great work being done across the state.

Use the Facebook Pages to promote your show (see the links at the bottom of the right-hand side-notes on this page).  Many schools offer low or no-cost admission to card-carrying Thespians!

Remember that if you want a production considered as a possible Main Stage Production at the State Festival, specific time and technical requirements exist.  Take a look at the information and apply well in advance!

Break a leg, everyone!