Your Guide to the Whole THESTIVAL!

QR-code (1)Once again, our State Festival has gone mobile with GUIDEBOOK, the app that lets you carry everything you need for a fun and full weekend in the palm of your hand.  Create your own schedule, search workshop and play titles to find exactly what you’re looking for, and — most importantly — keep up to date with every last-minute change or update!

Click here (or scan the code at left) to download GUIDEBOOK. The Thestival begins soon!

You can use the following PDF files to create your own printed schedule of Workshops and One Acts.  Download and print the documents before you come to State. No printed schedules will be distributed at the Festival!



During workshop times, you’ll also have a chance to meet STEVE!  Artists and representatives at our State Thespian Educational Vendor Expo are excited to meet you!


Get Ready for a GREAT State!

be-preparedRegistrations are in!  Over 1200 Thespians will be gathering in Salem April 9-11 for the 2015 Oregon Thespians State Festival:  “I WISH TO GO TO THE THESTIVAL!”

Troupe Directors will receive Showcase Audition and Tech Entry schedules for Thursday, April 9, as will those who signed up to give an Honor Troupe presentation.

In addition, your Troupe can sign up to present one or more SHAKESPEARE SONNETS at the Capitol Building between 12:30 and 4:30 on Thursday, April 9.  To sign up to present, CLICK HERE, list your school name, contact email and phone number, and which sonnet you will be performing.  Each signup represents one sonnet.  We can take up to 10 signups per 30-minute slot.  It’s okay if sonnets are repeated.  How you present your sonnet is entirely up to you.  Any group size works, from solo readings to ensemble interpretations.  The more theatrical the better!  More information will be sent to the email address you list on your signup at this site.

TROUPE DIRECTORS:  The updated CODE OF CONDUCT FORM and HEALTH/RELEASE FORM are now online.  Each of your participants must fill out each of these forms and you need to turn in copies at registration (you may wish to keep a set of copies for yourself).  Click here for more information.

PARADE OF TROUPES:  We have changed the way we need you to submit your slide and extended the deadline to April 1.  Please click this link and upload your slide online.  Even if you’ve already emailed your slide, upload it at this link.  Make sure your slide fits the criteria, or it will not be included in this year’s Parade of Troupes.  Click here for more information.


sketch masksThe 2015 Oregon Thespians State Festival is April 9-11 in Salem, and now is the time to begin planning your participation!

Troupe Directors should review the REGISTRATION SITE and plan to submit a final and accurate registration by March 12.

Middle School groups can also register by March 12 for JUNIOR THESPIAN DAY during the State Festival.

March 12 is also the deadline for SCHOLARSHIP and STO APPLICATIONS, as well as HONOR TROUPE applications!

Important!  If you qualified for the State Showcase auditions, your Troupe Director needs to confirm your participation at THIS SITE.  You will be scheduled an audition time on Thursday, April 9.  Your time will be sent to your Troupe Director during the week prior to Spring Break.

Watch here for more information and updates on how you can make your wishes come true, and rock the Oregon Thespians State “Thestival” in April!



keep-calm-and-just-bring-it-20It’s time for Oregon’s Thespians to bring their best to one of the largest state-wide auditions in the country.  REGIONALS is the first step in the State Showcase Audition process.  10% of those who perform will advance to the final audition in Salem on April 9.  An additional 10% will be recognized as Regional Finalists.  EVERYONE will receive valuable feedback from specially selected judges, drawn from Oregon’s dynamic theatre community.

Review the important information found here to make the most of your Regionals Experience.  We look forward to seeing you on February 7!

Reminder:  This year, Oregon Thespians is adopting the “all black” rule that has been instituted at several other states and at the National Thespian Festival.  All entrants are asked to dress in “professional black,” appropriate to the movement needs of their scene.  Black pants and a black t-shirt are fine.

You may want to review the student information handout for Regionals, which highlights a few important reminders.

Important LINKS now LIVE!

Useful Links3As we head into the new year and Thespian Season heats up, there are several important links for online registrations and activities that are now live.  Check them out.  Note that only Troupe Directors may register their Troupe for Thespian Events.





Students:  Note that January 15 is also the final day to submit a play to the Playwriting Competition.  Click here for more information!

Explore the tabs above to learn more about Regionals (February 7), Judging, and our State Festival in April!  Gear up for 2015, Thespians!


College Search 101

collegeaheadThe search is on as Juniors begin fielding piles of brochures in the mail, and Seniors put the finishing touches on application essays.  Finding the right college can be a daunting task, and raises countless questions.

Is a four-year college right for me?  Do I want a liberal arts education?  What kind of major am I looking for?  Does the food service include soft-serve?

If you’re in the midst of these questions, you’ve no doubt heard at least one person tell you “Wherever you go, it will be whatever you make of it.”  Truer words never spoken.

But the first part of that equation … “wherever you go” … can be a tough first step to navigate.  Fortunately, your friends at EdTA have compiled a treasury of resources and it’s all available for you online.  Click here for EdTA’s College Resource Center.

From searching to applying to paying for college … there’s great information here for everyone, including teachers and parents.  Check it out!

Taking Time for Teachers


The annual Oregon Theatre Educators Association conference was held last weekend in Lincoln City, and a grand worthwhile time was had by all.  But don’t take our word for it, check out THIS BLOG ENTRY from EdTA Executive Director Julie Woffington, who was our special guest at this event.  Team Oregon is definitely poised for a banner year of Thespian and Theatre Education activity.

While Thespians remains a student-centered organization, serving our students’ educators is important to sustain the level of work we’ve established.  That’s what OTEA is all about.  For more information, click the tab above, or check out Julie’s blog entry.  Special thanks to Board Member Scott Walker for heading up this terrific event!


Advocacy Begins at Home

dyk_comp_image_1Now that our 2014-2015 Thespian Year is off to a great start, it’s time to turn our attention to the goals established at Leadership Summit.  One of these is to focus on ADVOCACY.  We will be planning activities at the State level, in preparation for our annual visit to Salem, but ADVOCACY BEGINS AT HOME, and EdTA has a wealth of resources you can use to help your audiences better understand the real value of those productions they enjoy watching.

It’s not enough to just know the value of what we get to do, as Thespians, through the Theatre Education opportunities we’re afforded … we need to make sure others know and understand that value as well!  Tell your story!

Visit this site for important information you can share, including graphics you can download to include in your show programs, and activities your Troupe can undertake now to keep Theatre and Theatre Education opportunities alive for Oregon’s current and future Thespians!


ImprovLOGOThere’s something for everyone at the 2014 IMPROV FESTIVAL, hosted this year by McNary HS in Keizer.  Join us on October 4 for a fun day of mixing with Thespians from all over the state.  Click here for more information about this event!

HIGH SCHOOL TROUPES are scrambled into teams with no two members from the same school.  With creative inspirations provided by our hosts, each team has an hour to create an improv scene of their own.  It’s performed twice in a friendly “competition” format, with approximately 6 scenes selected to perform before everyone in the “Final Round.”

JUNIOR THESPIANS work with a professional improv artist before dividing into teams coached by High School Thespians.  Their creations are performed in a show-and-tell round, after which our Junior Members get to elect one of their own scenes to be showcased before the HS Troupes’ “Final Round.”

Registration is $10 for inducted Thespians and $12 for those not yet inducted.  Junior Thespian participants pay $10 each.  Click here to register online before September 25!

WELCOME BACK! Hit The Ground Running!


Welcome back, Oregon Thespians!  This website has been updated with the information you need to hit the ground running for the 2014-2015 School Year.  You should begin planning your Troupe’s participation in the IMPROV FESTIVAL on October 4 right away.  Online registration is now live, and is due by September 25.

But FIRST it’s time to register for LEADERHIP SUMMIT!

This year’s Summit is once again in Ashland, and the dates are September 20 and 21.  We begin at 1 pm on Saturday and conclude at noon on Sunday, making it possible for delegates to get to Ashland Saturday morning and have plenty of time to drive home Sunday afternoon.

Two delegates from each school may attend.  We’ll be seeing a performance of OSF’s production of INTO THE WOODS on Saturday night.

The Leadership Summit is free to your school’s two delegates, but pre-registration is required by September 4, so we can purchase the necessary tickets.  Because ticket purchases are involved, this year we’re requiring a deposit from each school that will be credited to your State Festival Registration.  This is due to the number of costly no-shows we’ve experienced when no payment was required.  Failure of any registered delegates to participate in the Summit will result in forfeiting your deposit.

CLICK HERE FOR COMPLETE INFORMATION and to register by September 4!

There are options for Friday night arrivals, additional performances, and a backstage tour, but availability of all these things is limited and on a first-come, first-served basis.  Don’t delay!  REGISTER ONLINE BY SEPTEMBER 4.