Showtime Across Oregon!

Curtain Going UpWe had a great time together at Improv Fest last weekend, where we learned that a few ambitious Troupes have already mounted and struck the first successful productions of the year.  For most of us, though, the next few weeks contain an Opening Night, and an opportunity to get out and share some of the great work being done across the state.

Use the Facebook Pages to promote your show (see the links at the bottom of the right-hand side-notes on this page).  Many schools offer low or no-cost admission to card-carrying Thespians!

Remember that if you want a production considered as a possible Main Stage Production at the State Festival, specific time and technical requirements exist.  Take a look at the information and apply well in advance!

Break a leg, everyone!


Cocktails And Comedy Benefit for the Fit CommunityThe 2013 Improv Festival is being hosted by Crook County HS in Prineville on October 5.  Make plans now to attend for this terrific mixer to start off a year of unity!  Remember, at Improv, your teammates are all from other Troupes!  Everyone works (and plays) with everyone else!

No preparation is necessary (it’s improv!), as members of your Troupe arrive for check-in between 8:30 and 9:15 am.  After an introduction to the day’s prompts, you’ll join teammates from other schools to create a scene based on the provided inspirations.  You’ll perform the scene twice in two different rounds, once before lunch and once after lunch. And the final round will feature a handful of the highest rated scenes, performed in front of everyone for all to enjoy!  The day ends around 3:45 or 4 pm.

JUNIOR THESPIANS, we’re planning a special opportunity at Improv for you to join other middle school students for a special workshop in the morning, and a chance to create your own theatre fun in the afternoon!  Register at the same online site to secure your place in this inaugural Junior Thespian activity with Oregon Thespians!


Troupe Directors are reminded that the most substantial Troupe Director Meeting of the year happens at Improv.  Even if you can’t bring students, please plan to attend!


Back to School Road SignWelcome Back!

As the 2013-2014 School Year gets underway, Thespian Events are in full-swing with two immediate opportunities for your Troupe to jump in on!

Act NOW!  Get your Troupe Leadership together and get the ball rolling!  Here we go!

The Leadership Summit is in Ashland this year!  This provides unique opportunities for interaction with professionals both at OSU and at OSF.  Delegates will be invited to see THE TAMING OF THE SHREWThe Summit begins at 3 pm on Saturday, September 21 and will conclude following the show (around 4 pm) on Sunday, September 22.  Put your head together with other troupes to share transportation costs.  Optional Home Stays are being arranged for Saturday night in Ashland to help mitigate costs.  REGISTRATION DEADLINE IS SEPTEMBER 12.

The Improv Festival is being hosted by Crook County HS in Prineville on October 5.  Make plans now to attend for this terrific mixer to start of a year of unity!  REGISTRATION DEADLINE IS SEPTEMBER 26.

Troupe Directors are reminded that the most substantial Troupe Director Meeting of the year happens at Improv.  Even if you can’t bring students, please plan to attend!

Is Camp Thespis for you?

compassLooking for a way to give your Troupe Leadership some direction?  Read on!

Several ambitious Oregon Thespian Troupe Directors gathered together last summer to create a leadership camp experience for their Troupe leaders.  It was a terrific success, and CAMP THESPIS was born!  Check out the information here, and then contact Jo Lane at Roosevelt HS with any questions.  There are several handouts available here, including  General Information and a Registration Form!


CAMP THESPIS is intended for Troupe Directors and Student Leadership to attend together.

It was another GREAT STATE!

thank-youAnother terrific State Festival is in the history books!  And it took a community of contributions to make it all happen.

Thanks to all!

And congratulations to our new Oregon Thespians Leadership.  In the “pie-crazy” finale of our closing event, we recognized our new STO, but neglected to announce to students (the adults already knew) that Jessica Murray of West Linn HS will be joing the Adult Board for a two-year term.

Most importantly, though, we neglected to give special recognition to Zena, who is rotating off The Board at the end of three consecutive two-year terms.  Her six years of leadership and guidance only scratch the surface of her contributions to Oregon Thespians, and we know she will continue to play a valuable role in our future.  Thank you, Zena!


  • State 2013 LogoThe complete schedule is now available online, including workshop and one-act descriptions.  You will receive a printed version when you check in at State, but look ahead now to a full weekend of theatrical thrills!
  • Remember that all participants must have a CODE OF CONDUCT FORM and a MEDICAL RELEASE FORM signed and in their Troupe Director’s possession upon arrival.  Click here to download and print!
  • Several workshops give participants the opportunity to work on prepared songs or monologues.  If possible, bring along copies of monologues you would like to work on, or music for songs you hope to workshop.  Bringing along monologue or song materials will help participants make the most of opportunities!
  • Each Troupe is able to register up to three students to audition for a special performance opportunity in Lincoln during the International Thespian Festival.  Troupe Directors have more info in their email.

Get ready to have a GREAT STATE!  See you Thursday!

Spring Break! And then … STATE!

spring20break20logoIs your Parade of Troupes slide in?  Get the info and submit it before Spring Break.  Click here.

There are LOTS of ways to contribute to the success of this year’s State Festival.  Talk to your Troupe about serving as timers, street guides, game room hosts, etc.

Get ready for as much theatre action as is legally possible … at LEGALLY STATE!

Click here for a preliminary STATE schedule!



Here’s what you’re looking for:

These links will take you to the information you need to help you through this busy busy time:

State Registration (March 7 deadline)

Showcase Audition Registration (March 7 deadline)

Scholarship Applications (March 7 deadline)

Run for STO (March 7 deadline)

Honor Troupe Applications (March 7 deadline)

Send your Theatre Etiquette DVD (March 14 postmark deadline)

Troupe Director Nominations for State Board and Melba Award (March 14 deadline)

OTEA Award Nominations (March 14 deadline)

Order Thespian Teamware (Order by March 7 to guarantee State Festival delivery)

Email your Parade of Troupes slide (Email by Spring Break, 3/22)



DeadlineMarch 7 is the deadline for the following tasks!  Click the link to get ’em done!

PARADE OF TROUPES slides are due by Spring Break.  We will post contact information for the PARADE OF TROUPES and ETIQUETTE VIDEO coordinators (where you need to send them) next week.

TROUPE DIRECTORS are reminded to click here to nominate colleagues for State Board positions, as well as for the Melba Day Sparks Henning Award.