STO Anna Williamson has launched an exciting new resource for Oregon Thespians.  From Anna:

Oregon Thespians ShowStop was created to help Thespian Troupes in the state of Oregon get in contact with each other!  Community really is what theatre is all about, but isn’t it awesome to have one big tech forum to really rely on each other like one big happy family?!?  Yes it might be way easier to just go order a cheap set piece off of ebay or craigslist, or maybe even just put an online buying option right here, but with technology growing and developing every day, wouldn’t it be nice to make a (almost) human interaction?  We think so! Now, go forth and TRADE!!!

Getting Your Account Going:  If your troupe does not already have access to ShowStop, no need to worry! Simply have your director email  Really, it’s that simple! Anna will give that email address access to publish item posts for your troupe.

For more information (including instructions), visit today!

Thank you to Anna and all the STO for their valuable contributions so far this year!


It’s not too early to start thinking about the 2019 Oregon Thespians State Festival in Salem, April 4-6.  Now is the time to consider applying to have your production featured on the Festival Main Stage.

CLICK HERE for more information on bringing a full-length production to State.  Note that everyone is invited to bring a one act!  Begin thinking ahead to get in on the act!

Also, we’re looking for GUEST ARTISTS and RESOURCE VENDORS to provide workshops, and to participate in STEVE, our State Thespian Educational Vendor Expo.  If you know of any artists who would like to propose a workshop, have them click here.

If you know of a college or university program, or someone with an opportunity or resource they’d like to share with the greater Oregon Thespians community, have them click here to apply to join us at State!

Your Board will be meeting in December to make initial decisions regarding Guest Artists and Workshops.  Help spread the word!


Theatre Educators Unite!

The 2019 OTEA (Oregon Theatre Educators Association) Conference is Friday and Saturday, October 12 and 13 at the Hallmark Resort in Newport.  CLICK HERE TO REGISTER for this important opportunity to network with your fellow professionals, and explore the many hats we wear as we advocate both for our kids and our programs.

Among the guest speakers/presenters is Jon Bullock. Jon is currently the Executive Director for the Redmond Proficiency Academy.  He has been a City Council Member, Academic Board Member for Southern Oregon University, and has been involved in countless layers of education & educational leadership development.  You can click here to read more about Jon.

The discounted room rate at the Hallmark Inn is no longer available, but lodging options abound in Newport.  CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION and register by October 9.

The day begins Friday with check in from 8:30 to 9:30 am at the Hallmark Resort in Newport.  Lunch is provided, and no-host dinner opportunities will follow afternoon sessions, ending at approximately 5 pm.  An evening reception will feature an excellent opportunity to spend student-free time with your fellow theatre educators from across the state.

Breakfast on Saturday begins at 8:30 am, with breakout sessions following,  ranging from Teen Mental Health, to Cultural Sensitivity, and Improving/Building Relationships with School Administration.  We end at 11:30 am on Saturday.


WELCOME BACK!  We have exciting things in store!  Here are a few things needing your immediate attention:

INSTANT THEATRE is the new name for Oregon Thespians’ Improv Festival, and this year we’re adding TECH to the mix, thanks to the work of our very creative and industrious STO.  The event is October 6 at McNary HS in Keizer.  Registration is online and must be done by September 27.  Click here for more information.

THE ANNUAL OTEA CONFERENCE for teachers is in Newport on October 12 and 13.  Online registration is now open!  Click here for further information.

COLLEGE AUDITIONS will be offered for Thespian Seniors this year, on October 14 at Artists Repertory Theatre.  We are currently up to 20 colleges attending.  We’re excited to make this event a mainstay on our calendar.  Click here for details and application procedures.


Mark your calendars now!  Location specifics will be updated soon.  Make plans to join us for another great year of Thespian events in Oregon!

We are in the process of finalizing event hosts and sites.  Additional important dates such as Judge Training, Board Meetings, and Registration Deadlines will be posted as available.

Note, for future planning, that Improv is generally the first Saturday in October, Regionals are generally the first Saturday in February, and State is generally the first weekend in April.

NOTE: Event locations in italics are in the process of being confirmed.  These initial locations will be set by the start of next school year and their status will be updated here.

2018-2019 Dates

Camp Thespis – August 10-12 (Camp Tamarack)

EdTA Conference (Denver) – September 13-16

Leadership Summit (Ashland) – September 22-23

Instant Theatre! (McNary HS) – October 6

OTEA – October 12-13 (Newport)

Judges Training (Rex Putnam HS and McKay HS) – January 12

Junior Thespian Play Day (ACMA) – January 19

Regionals (S, Central HS: NE, Reynolds HS; NW, Liberty HS)  – February 2

State (Salem) – April 4-6


To navigate the 2018 Oregon Thespians Festival, you need to use GUIDEBOOK.

Download this free resource on your device and always have the most up-to-date information about schedules, workshops, one-acts, times, locations, and special announcements.  CHANGES OCCUR THROUGHOUT THE FESTIVAL.

Click here to get Guidebook now!

We will have an updated list posted near REGISTRATION at the Convention Center, but you can have all you need in the palm of your hand by clicking HERE.

If you’d like to download and print your own copy of the initial information (subject to change, so check for updates on the Guidebook or the posted schedule at Festival) you can CLICK HERE.  This will be out of date almost as soon as you download it, but you’ll have a great idea of all the great stuff waiting for you at the 2018 OREGON THESPIANS STATE FESTIVAL:  THERE’S NO PLACE LIKE STATE!

What’s at the End of Your Yellow Brick Road?

Life is a journey, and at this year’s Oregon Thespians State Festival, we’re going to be celebrating that journey with our ALL STATE SHOW.

In keeping with the Oz-themed fun of this year’s Festival (THESPIANS: THERE’S NO PLACE LIKE STATE) students are encouraged to bring songs, scenes, monologues, original work, movement pieces … you name it … that illuminate your journey.  What moves you down that yellow brick road?  What’s over your rainbow?

Auditions will be in the Marion Room of the Grand Hotel in Salem (connected to the Salem Convention Center) from 2 pm to 5 pm on Thursday, April 5.  Audition slots will be filled on a first-come first-served basis.  Additional auditioning will be done during the dance that evening, from 10:30 to 11:30 pm.

Please bring 2 typed copies of your script to the audition – this includes lyrics, poetry, monologues, scenes, songs … movement pieces should have descriptions.  Recorded music should be easily accessible via bluetooth.

If you have any questions regarding the All State Show, contact Janet VanWess at

Those selected will rehearse during workshop sessions.  The All State Show will be performed at the closing of the Festival on Saturday afternoon.



Oregon Thespians offers a range of scholarship opportunities to help current high school seniors fund their continuing theatre education.  These awards include:

  • Oregon Thespian Scholarship – Open to all Oregon Thespians
  • Melba Day Sparks Memorial Award – Oregon Thespians’ Premiere Scholarship Award
  • Alan J Adams Tech Scholarship – Honoring specific interest/achievement in Technical Theatre
  • Michael Hibbard Scholarship – Supporting Future Theatre Educators

The link to the ONLINE APPLICATION for these scholarships is now live.  Click here to get started.  You will need to create an AcademicWorks account, but then can also explore additional scholarship opportunities that use this site (including several EdTA scholarships that are awarded at the International Thespian Festival in Lincoln).

Troupe Directors are reminded that the Melba Day Sparks Fund awards grants to help defray the cost of attending the EdTA National Conference (this year, September 13-16 in Denver).  Go to this site to learn more about applying for this and other Troupe Director awards and honors.


There are so many Thespian opportunities coming up!  Online registration is now open for the following:

Please take the time to review the information found on this website (click the links above) and submit an accurate and timely registration!


Next weekend — on February 3rd — the best of Oregon’s high school theatre-makers will bring their talents to stages and classrooms in three different locations for our 2018 REGIONALS.

The goal of this day is to celebrate the great work being done throughout the state, recognize student achievement in a wide range of theatre events and styles, and provide feedback from a number of qualified judges.  You will get a varied response from three or four judges!  This is the most valuable part of the day!

Regionals is also the first step in the Showcase Audition process.  The State Showcase is a part of our annual State Festival, and features representatives from the terrific work being done across Oregon.  The top 10% scorers in each event at Regionals (for novice events, just the top scorer in each region) advance to the Showcase Auditions as Showcase Qualifiers.  For larger events, we recognize additional entries (those who score in the top 20%) as Regional Finalists.

Showcase Qualifiers will be invited to perform one more time, on Thursday, April 5th, for two judges who will select representative entries from each event for the State Showcase, on Friday, April 6th.