Next weekend — on February 3rd — the best of Oregon’s high school theatre-makers will bring their talents to stages and classrooms in three different locations for our 2018 REGIONALS.

The goal of this day is to celebrate the great work being done throughout the state, recognize student achievement in a wide range of theatre events and styles, and provide feedback from a number of qualified judges.  You will get a varied response from three or four judges!  This is the most valuable part of the day!

Regionals is also the first step in the Showcase Audition process.  The State Showcase is a part of our annual State Festival, and features representatives from the terrific work being done across Oregon.  The top 10% scorers in each event at Regionals (for novice events, just the top scorer in each region) advance to the Showcase Auditions as Showcase Qualifiers.  For larger events, we recognize additional entries (those who score in the top 20%) as Regional Finalists.

Showcase Qualifiers will be invited to perform one more time, on Thursday, April 5th, for two judges who will select representative entries from each event for the State Showcase, on Friday, April 6th.



Complete information for registering for Regionals can be found by CLICKING HERE.  We are once again using Speechease to help organize and run our three concurrent events.  If you created a Speechease account last year, you can use the same login information and save time (you can reset your password if you don’t remember it).  You must register by January 18.  Click here for more information.

Registration is also open for the JUNIOR THESPIAN PLAY DAY on January 20.  Open to all Middle School groups whether or not they’re a Jr Thespian Troupe, this fun introduction to all things Thespian is free, but you must register by CLICKING HERE.

Don’t miss out on these exciting events!


The 2018 Oregon Thespians Festival is April 5-7 in Salem, and we need submissions for our two Main Stage Productions, presented Thursday and Friday evenings of the Festival at the Historic Elsinore Theatre!

CLICK HERE for complete info for how to submit a show.  Remember that submitting a show requires a lot of forethought.  The best Main Stage submissions are shows that were selected, designed, and created with the possibility of being selected from the very start.

The deadline to submit is December 15.  Shows must be produced before January 15.  If you want your show to be seen live by a member of the selection committee, we need two weeks’ notice.  Check out the live response option!

The big change this year is that we will not be using DVDs.  Shows will need to be uploaded digitally to be reviewed by the committee.  Check out the information here.  Be a part of our celebration of great high school theatre in Oregon!


All roads lead to Ashland HS for the 2017 Oregon Thespians IMPROV FESTIVAL on Saturday, October 7.  Click here for all the info you need!

Troupe Directors note that you’ll need to make plans for lunch for your troupe.  There will be a pizza and salad option to sign up for in advance (watch your email), or you can brownbag it.  Options are limited within walking distance in the time allotted.

Troupe Presidents will attend a provided lunch (one representative from each school) where the STO will review goals from last weekend’s Leadership Summit, and preview some exciting developments for the year.

Here’s the schedule:

9:00 A.M.        Registration Opens

9:45 A.M.        Welcome and Introductions

10:00 A.M.       Prep Time for Teams

10: 30 A.M.     Troupe Director meeting (lunch provided)

10:45 A.M.      Round I

11:45 A.M.      LUNCH (Troupe Presidents meet)

1:00 P.M.         Round II

2:00 P.M.         Final Round and Special Presentation

3:30 P.M.         Awards

4:00 P.M.         Event End Time (Approximate)



The 2017-2018 Thespian Year is already off to a great start, with a successful CAMP THESPIS in the books!

Here is your Back To School To-Do List:


Our first big Troupe Director Meeting of the year happens during Improv Festival.  Plan now to join us to discuss important focal points for the coming year (we’ll recap at the OTEA Conference, for those who can’t attend Improv).



Camp Thespis – August 7-9 at Molalla Retreat

EdTA Conference (for Troupe Directors) – Sept 14-17 in Nashville, TN

Leadership Summit – September 23-24 at TBA in Portland

Improv Festival – October 7 at Ashland HS

OTEA Advocacy Conference (for Troupe Directors) – October 13 at TBA in Portland

Junior Thespian Play Day – Jan 20 at LaCreole Middle School, Dallas OR

Regionals – Feb 3 at South Eugene HS (South); Canby HS (NE); and Roosevelt HS (NW)

State – April 5-7 in Salem

Dates and locations are subject to change as sites are confirmed.  Check back for updates!


The Oregon Thespians State Festival by the Numbers:  1316 Thespians representing 64 high schools, 214 Junior Thespians representing 8 middle schools, 108 Showcase Auditions, 96 Technical Entries, 38 one act plays, 86 workshops, 28 venues, and $2515 raised for Broadway Cares / Equity Fights Aids!  Fantastic Thespians indeed!

Now turn your focus to summer, Lincoln, Camp Thespis, and laying the groundwork for a terrific 2017-2018 Thespian Season.

Go, Team Oregon!

Where The Fantastic Thespians Are!

Okay, Fantastic Thespians, pack those suitcases and get yourself ready for three days of theatrical magic.  FANTASTIC THESPIANS AND WHERE TO FIND THEM swoops into Salem this week, and the schedule goes online today!

Use GUIDEBOOK to stay up to date on all the goings-on.  You can download the app for iOS or Android, and get the Guide to this weekend’s Festival.  Just click here!  Your guide will update any time you go online,  but will be available to you even when you’re not online.  It’s your best way to get connected!

If you need a paper copy, you can print a pdf of the basic schedule, including workshop and one-act times and descriptions (links below).  No printed copies will be distributed at the Festival!  Guidebook is the way to go (because once something is put in print, you know it’s going to change).  Get all the info here!

PDF of Workshop Schedule

PDF of One Act Descriptions


YOU!  Yes, YOU!  You are Oregon Thespians.  Help us celebrate our successes and pave the way for a productive future by nominating yourself or others for awards and leadership positions within the organization.

Students can apply to become State Thespian Officers (STO).  Complete information can be found by clicking here.  STO attend and lead all major Thespian events, including Camp Thespis, Leadership Summit, Improv, Regionals and State, and participate in five Board Meetings each year.  It’s a big commitment, but check it out!

We need Troupe Directors to nominate themselves or others for Board Positions.  We also have several awards we want our Troupe Directors to learn about.  Click here to nominate someone, or to learn more about the several honors available (including grant assistance for Troupe Directors to attend the annual EdTA Conference in the Fall).

Finally, consider having your Troupe give an Honor Troupe presentation at State. Click here to learn more about Honor Troupe and how you can help us spotlight more Fantastic Thespians (and where to find them!).


Rectangular and round copyright rubber stamp vectors

The 2016 Regional Acting Competitions are on February 4 – NW at Glencoe HS, Hillsboro; NE at Rex Putnam HS, Milwaukie; S at Central HS, Indepence.

Registration is still a ways away, but it’s not too early to consider your selections.  Remember that students can enter up to three events.  No more than two can be musical events, and no student may enter any event more than once.  Students may also only enter one event from each of the non-musical event ‘columns.’  Column A events are Solo Acting, Pantomime and Group Acting.  Column B events are Duo Dramatic Acting and Duo Comedic Acting.  Again, the entry limit per student is three total events.

Each troupe also has a limit to the number of entries they can register for each event.  Troupe Directors have this information.

All selections must be from published works written for the theatre.  Original scripts, non-published sources, or material written for television, movies, or recordings, cabarets, and concerts are not permitted.  If you hope to participate in the National Individual Events Showcase (NIES) in Lincoln, at the International Thespian Festival, you will want to review the information regarding material selection and performance rights found in the 2016-2017 NIES Guidelines. In Lincoln, you must provide proof that you have obtained the publisher’s permission to perform any non-musical work (musical events do not require permission in this setting).  There is some very helpful information about this on the last few pages of the NIES Guidelines.

We do not require you to show proof of permission at Regionals or State for any events in Oregon, but material must still be from a published source and written for the theatre.

Keep in mind that just because a script or score is available to view or download online does not mean the work has been published.  The internet has unfortunately made it easy for people to unwittingly become involved in copyright infringement, especially when it comes to sheet music.  If you don’t think this is a big deal to the copyright owners involved, check out what some of your favorite Broadway composers have to say in this Playbill article, or in this catchy YouTube tune which features some familiar faces.

Pantomime is the odd-man-out when it comes to these guidelines.  There is no longer a Pantomime event at the International Festival but we still have it in Oregon, probably because — at about the time they were phasing it out in Lincoln — we all got see this student performance in our Oregon Showcase.  There is a long history of quality Pantomime entries in Oregon, and we’ll keep supporting that kind of work!

Except for Pantomime (which is an Oregon-only event), we align our event rules and guidelines at Regionals and State with the NIES Guidelines, so review this material as you begin rehearsing and preparing to blow us all away.

… and yes … HAMILTON is now published.