College Search 101

collegeaheadThe search is on as Juniors begin fielding piles of brochures in the mail, and Seniors put the finishing touches on application essays.  Finding the right college can be a daunting task, and raises countless questions.

Is a four-year college right for me?  Do I want a liberal arts education?  What kind of major am I looking for?  Does the food service include soft-serve?

If you’re in the midst of these questions, you’ve no doubt heard at least one person tell you “Wherever you go, it will be whatever you make of it.”  Truer words never spoken.

But the first part of that equation … “wherever you go” … can be a tough first step to navigate.  Fortunately, your friends at EdTA have compiled a treasury of resources and it’s all available for you online.  Click here for EdTA’s College Resource Center.

From searching to applying to paying for college … there’s great information here for everyone, including teachers and parents.  Check it out!

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