keep-calm-and-just-bring-it-20It’s time for Oregon’s Thespians to bring their best to one of the largest state-wide auditions in the country.  REGIONALS is the first step in the State Showcase Audition process.  10% of those who perform will advance to the final audition in Salem on April 9.  An additional 10% will be recognized as Regional Finalists.  EVERYONE will receive valuable feedback from specially selected judges, drawn from Oregon’s dynamic theatre community.

Review the important information found here to make the most of your Regionals Experience.  We look forward to seeing you on February 7!

Reminder:  This year, Oregon Thespians is adopting the “all black” rule that has been instituted at several other states and at the National Thespian Festival.  All entrants are asked to dress in “professional black,” appropriate to the movement needs of their scene.  Black pants and a black t-shirt are fine.

You may want to review the student information handout for Regionals, which highlights a few important reminders.

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