Get Ready for a GREAT State!

be-preparedRegistrations are in!  Over 1200 Thespians will be gathering in Salem April 9-11 for the 2015 Oregon Thespians State Festival:  “I WISH TO GO TO THE THESTIVAL!”

Troupe Directors will receive Showcase Audition and Tech Entry schedules for Thursday, April 9, as will those who signed up to give an Honor Troupe presentation.

In addition, your Troupe can sign up to present one or more SHAKESPEARE SONNETS at the Capitol Building between 12:30 and 4:30 on Thursday, April 9.  To sign up to present, CLICK HERE, list your school name, contact email and phone number, and which sonnet you will be performing.  Each signup represents one sonnet.  We can take up to 10 signups per 30-minute slot.  It’s okay if sonnets are repeated.  How you present your sonnet is entirely up to you.  Any group size works, from solo readings to ensemble interpretations.  The more theatrical the better!  More information will be sent to the email address you list on your signup at this site.

TROUPE DIRECTORS:  The updated CODE OF CONDUCT FORM and HEALTH/RELEASE FORM are now online.  Each of your participants must fill out each of these forms and you need to turn in copies at registration (you may wish to keep a set of copies for yourself).  Click here for more information.

PARADE OF TROUPES:  We have changed the way we need you to submit your slide and extended the deadline to April 1.  Please click this link and upload your slide online.  Even if you’ve already emailed your slide, upload it at this link.  Make sure your slide fits the criteria, or it will not be included in this year’s Parade of Troupes.  Click here for more information.

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