Several of our Thespian Events are dependent on the involvement of ADJUDICATORS, who create much needed order out of our chaos by filling out forms, assigning scores and ratings, and ultimately casting our State Showcase.  The most valuable thing our judges provide, though, is FEEDBACK.  When you leave an adjudicated event with some new observation or feedback (whether a commendation or recommendation), you are leaving with something very valuable to anyone who practices our craft.

We need your help in recruiting qualified judges!  Judge Training is January 16 in two locations:  North Training is at Rex Putnam HS in Milwaukie; South Training is at McNary HS in Salem.  Refer qualified individuals to the online registration site by sending them this link.  Or you can enter their name and email address at this link and we’ll take care of the rest.  Click here to learn more about judging.

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