competeIt’s time for Oregon Thespians’ annual REGIONAL ACTING COMPETITIONS!  It’s game-on this Saturday at Wilson, Clackamas, and Central High Schools, in what is among the nation’s largest competitive acting events.

With Thespians, though, remember that CELEBRATION supersedes COMPETITION as we recognize the tremendous amount of work and talent on display this Saturday.  You’re competing against your better self — not each other — and using this opportunity to get feedback from three or four singularly qualified judges.  If you leave Saturday with a sense of accomplishment, and some direction to continue on your path as a growing theatre artist, WE ALL WIN!

In nuts-and-bolts terms, remember that we’ll be recognizing 20% of the entries this weekend, with the top 10% (or 2, whichever is greater) in each event advancing as Showcase Qualifiers to the Showcase auditions at State, and the next 10% in each category (if any) being named Regional Finalists.  That means 80% leave with just the judge comment sheets and evaluation forms.  Value that feedback!  (Even if you may not agree with it.)

Tournament Coordinators will be in touch with Troupe Directors this week.  Registration starts at 8:00 am.  Troupe Presidents are reminded that they have a lunch meeting to determine (among other things) the State Festival Theme for 2016.  Troupe Directors will also meet, beginning during the morning rounds.

Just about everything you need to know about Regionals can be accessed from this page.

Act well your part, everyone!  There all the honor lies!


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