Where The Fantastic Thespians Are!

Okay, Fantastic Thespians, pack those suitcases and get yourself ready for three days of theatrical magic.  FANTASTIC THESPIANS AND WHERE TO FIND THEM swoops into Salem this week, and the schedule goes online today!

Use GUIDEBOOK to stay up to date on all the goings-on.  You can download the app for iOS or Android, and get the Guide to this weekend’s Festival.  Just click here!  Your guide will update any time you go online,  but will be available to you even when you’re not online.  It’s your best way to get connected!

If you need a paper copy, you can print a pdf of the basic schedule, including workshop and one-act times and descriptions (links below).  No printed copies will be distributed at the Festival!  Guidebook is the way to go (because once something is put in print, you know it’s going to change).  Get all the info here!

PDF of Workshop Schedule

PDF of One Act Descriptions

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