Next weekend — on February 3rd — the best of Oregon’s high school theatre-makers will bring their talents to stages and classrooms in three different locations for our 2018 REGIONALS.

The goal of this day is to celebrate the great work being done throughout the state, recognize student achievement in a wide range of theatre events and styles, and provide feedback from a number of qualified judges.  You will get a varied response from three or four judges!  This is the most valuable part of the day!

Regionals is also the first step in the Showcase Audition process.  The State Showcase is a part of our annual State Festival, and features representatives from the terrific work being done across Oregon.  The top 10% scorers in each event at Regionals (for novice events, just the top scorer in each region) advance to the Showcase Auditions as Showcase Qualifiers.  For larger events, we recognize additional entries (those who score in the top 20%) as Regional Finalists.

Showcase Qualifiers will be invited to perform one more time, on Thursday, April 5th, for two judges who will select representative entries from each event for the State Showcase, on Friday, April 6th.


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