Are you ready to Improv?

Hundreds of Thespians will be gathering in Grants Pass on Saturday, October 6, for the annual Improv Festival.  The day begins with registration at 8:30 am and will conclude with awards by 4 pm.  When you arrive, your group will be divided among several teams (no two students from the same school are on the same team) and you’ll be given some instruction and time to prepare before showing your stuff!

Note that food will not be available for purchase on campus, so you’ll either need to plan for the trek off-campus (15+ minutes, walking) or bring a lunch.  Talk with your Troupe Director regarding lunch plans.

Our hosts at Grants Pass HS are preparing some fun inspirations (taking advantage of the proximity to Oregon Shakespeare Festival, from what I understand).  Below are links to both a helpful tip sheet and the scoring sheet used by judges during the rounds.  Check them out in advance, if you’d like.

See you in Grants Pass!

Winning Improv Tips

Improv Scoring Sheet


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