Regionals Updates Announced

After tremendously helpful discussion with Troupe Directors and Students alike, we have finalized the changes for this year’s Regional Acting Competitions.

See the complete list of updates here.  Highlights include:

  • We will use essentially the same ballots that we have been, with some minor changes to vocabulary, most notably the column headings over the descriptors.  We are replacing the word “poor” with “unprepared” and shifting the adjectives to allow for the inclusion of “Superior” as our top rating.  This means that students will now qualify for NIES by receiving one Superior rating at Regionals or State.
  • We are adopting the NIES rules for events, including furniture allotment and allowed sources.  Review the new guidelines here.  Note that all source material must be from published scripts written for the stage.  Also, only group events are permitted the use of a table.  Solo events get one chair.  Duo events get two chairs.
  • We are not requiring students to adhere to the “professional black” dress code that is new at NIES this year, but we are encouraging Troupes to try it out so we can form an opinion based on the experience.

Check out the updates here.  Thank you to all for participating in this productive and ongoing process.


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