Calling All Judges

Recruiting qualified judges to provide helpful feedback to our students at Regionals and State is a very important Troupe Director responsibility.  There are two ways for you to do this, and NOW IS THE TIME.

1) You can direct your potential judges to this site to register for one of the two Judge Training Days (January 19 at JHS in Portland, January 26 at A3 in Springfield).  Judges who attend this training are given priority when scheduling the judges for Regionals.  Those who are already State Qualified are encouraged to attend the training as well.  Currently Qualified judges can secure their spot at Regionals by attending just the afternoon practice session at each Training Day.

2) You can go to this site yourself, and submit the name (or names) of potential judges.  Our Statewide Judge Coordinator (Kelley Marchant) will then reach out to them regarding training and scheduling.  You can also recommend contacts you have at college programs, who might be a source for qualified judges and/or workshop leaders.

Remember that judges must be 21 years old, at least four years out of high school, and have the education and experience in theatre that gives them a command of the theatrical principles and skills they will be evaluating.

We need judges!  Make it your goal to recruit at least one judge for every ten entries your school brings to Regionals.  Review complete Regionals judging information here.

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