Holiday To-Do List

Things to consider before returning to checklistschool in 2013:

  • Prep your Regionals Registration! The online registration site will be live at the first of the year, and the deadline is January 17.  You will need to list your Thespian Members who are eligible for the reduced rate, so make sure your inductions are up-to-date and you have access to your Troupe’s list (to see Membership Numbers).
  • Recruit Judges for Training!  Send qualified judges to this website to register for a Judge Training Day, either January 19 at Jesuit HS in Portland or January 26 at A3 in Springfield.  Register by January 17.
  • Review the up-to-date Regionals Guidebook and highlighted changes found here.  Make sure your students are aware of important changes (like furniture provided) and check to be sure that all material comes from published scripts written for theatre.  If your students are interested in competing in Lincoln, you will want to refer to the NIES guidelines for securing performance rights.
  • Encourage your student playwrights to submit a finished script to the Playwriting Competition.  The application form and submission information will be updated by the first of the year.  The submission deadline is January 17.
  • Encourage your tech students to have their tech entries reviewed at the Early Entry Tech Feedback at Regionals this year.  They’ll need to arrange to have their materials sent (and returned from) the Northeast Regional, but may be able to benefit from this entirely optional pilot program this year.  Registration for Early Feedback happens with your Troupe’s Regionals Registration.
  • Enjoy the Holidays!  Spend time with friends and family and see some great theatre, if possible.  The Merriest and Happiest to you!

Check back after January 1 for more updates!

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