This Saturday: REGIONALS!

gr-hog-2Thespians from throughout Oregon will gather at three Regional events this Saturday to celebrate the tremendous work being done by High School theatre artists across the state … and to answer the age-old question:  If a Thespian comes out on stage and sees his shadow, how many more weeks will we have to endure this winter weather?

Everyone will be hearing from their Tournament Coordinator this week with numbers to assign their entries.  Remember to hand in a list of the NAMES that go with each number when you check in on Saturday (please double check accuracy, spelling, and legibility).

Please review THESE IMPORTANT CHANGES one more time, including the new furniture allotment.  The only events that will have access to a table are GROUP events and PANTOMIME (we haven’t changed anything there).

The new ballots are posted and available for viewing and download.

And don’t forget to wear your PROFESSIONAL BLACKS.  We’re giving a trial run to the new NIES rule that all entrants must be dressed in black.  It’s not required in Oregon … we just want to see what all the fuss is about.  So, if possible, get your black on so we can make an educated decision about whether or not to adopt this new National rule here (protesting by wearing all pink, though funny, would be counter-productive … and considered a costume).  You can, of course, simply dress according to the previous guidelines.

Come on Saturday with a true Thespian spirit of — as our student leaders defined in their goals for this year — “Unity Over Competition.”  Let’s celebrate each other and have a terrific event!


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