Student Scholarships

We have a new and streamlined application procedure for scholarships, which will also introduce you to other opportunities from EdTA.  Scholarship Applications, this year, are done entirely online and are due March 9.  Click here to get started!

Oregon Thespians offers a growing number of scholarships for current senior students, to help fund their continuing theatre and theatre-related education.

Scholarships are awarded at the State Thespian Festival.  Recipients must be inducted members of the International Thespian Society.


Nothing is mailed as a part of this new application process!


ONE online application can be used to apply for the following Scholarships:

  • OREGON THESPIAN SCHOLARSHIP – Open to all Oregon Thespians
  • MELBA DAY SPARKS MEMORIAL AWARD – Oregon Thespians’ Premiere Scholarship Award
  • ALAN J. ADAMS TECH SCHOLARSHIP – To honor specific interest/achievement in Technical Theatre
  • MICHAEL HIBBARD SCHOLARSHIP – To support Future Theatre Educators

When you sign up at ACADEMICWORKS (click here to get started) you will also learn about other Scholarship Opportunities provided by EdTA.  If you’re attending the Festival in Lincoln this year, consider applying for one of these additional awards!

You are encouraged to tailor your Support Materials to fit the focus of the scholarship(s) you are applying for.

Once in the ACADEMICWORKS site, you will want to look for OREGON THESPIANS SCHOLARSHIPS, where one application will set you up for all of our state-offered opportunities.

There is no cost or fee associated with signing up at ACADEMICWORKS, or in submitting a scholarship application.

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