Oregon Thespians is an organization that invests considerably in student leadership.

STATE THESPIAN OFFICERS serve as student representatives and leaders of events throughout the year.  Our State Thespian Officers (STO) are elected at each year’s State Festival, and provide student representation at all Thespian Events throughout the year.  Click here for more information about becoming a member of the STO.

INTERNATIONAL THESPIAN OFFICERS (ITO) are elected to represent their region at the Thespian Festival in Lincoln.  For more information on the ITO selection process, click here.

Significant leadership opportunities exist at the Troupe level for students to have a profound impact on the success of their school’s theatre program.  Oregon Thespians recognizes the importance of these Troupe-level leaders by providing two specific leadership training opportunities:

CAMP THESPIS is a three-day leadership training session held in August.  Troupes may apply to bring their officers for a nominal fee (which covers food and lodging during camp).  Troupe Directors are expected to attend with their officers, to make full use of the valuable planning time for the coming school year.  Click here for specific registration information about Camp Thespis.

LEADERSHIP SUMMIT is a two-day leadership and goal-setting session, where each Troupe is invited to send two student leaders to participate in a statewide forum on the organization’s goals for the year, and how each Troupe can contribute and benefit through their participation.  There is no cost for Leadership Summit, and Troupe Directors do not need to attend.  Click here for information on this year’s Leadership Summit.

ADULT BOARD MEMBERS work with the STO.  Oregon Thespians is governed by a Board of 6 adult Board Members, serving two-year terms (three Board Member positions are up for election each year).  The Chapter Director serves a four-year term, and is elected in a process facilitated by EdTA.  The Chapter Director may serve two consecutive terms.

Board Members attend up to five meetings each year (mileage is paid for those traveling farther than 30 miles one-way to attend), as well as each Thespian Event.

In February, nominations will open for this year’s three open Board positions.

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