The Oregon Thespians INSTANT THEATRE Festival is Saturday, September 26 at ______________ HS in Portland.  CLICK HERE TO REGISTER  BY SEPTEMBER 17!

The Improvisation Festival is a unique “competition” that provides the opportunity for students to meet and work with others from across the state in either performance or design.

Junior Thespian (Middle School) participants are invited to join us, too!

When you arrive, your group will be given a packet with slips of paper with different numbers on them. Each student gets a slip which assigns them to different teams. Each team is made up of students who are each from a different school. Some of the slips will be colored to designate a team leader. Sponsors are responsible for selecting students from their groups that could function as the team’s organizer and spokesperson, usually an upperclassman.

The teams meet for about a half-hour and work up a 4-minute scene based on a prop and/or prompt provided by the host school. The teams then present their scenes to different judges in different rounds, with different teams in each round.

A new prompt and/or scenario is given in each round which will then need to be incorporated into the scene on the fly.  Teams have 1 minute to briefly discuss their scene, and will have 4 minutes to perform.

Students can register in the DESIGN/TECH category and be placed in teams of technicians from other schools.  Together, this team will be faced with a design challenge and have an opportunity to present their work to judges.

Scores are tabulated and five or six teams are selected to perform/present at finals in front of the entire congregation. A panel of three judges scores those scenes and, after a bit of entertainment by the host school, announces the winners.

It’s a lighthearted day of fun competition and energetic theatre with some new stuff thrown in for good measure!

Junior Thespians participate as well, mixed in among the high school teams.  We establish a “buddy system” to help Junior Thespians feel welcome and involved.

Registration is $10.00 per student for Inducted Thespian/Junior Thespian students and $12.00 per non-Thespian/non-Junior Thespians students. Non-Thespian affiliated schools may participate by paying a $25 fee.

Registration is done online. To register, you will need to know only the number of students (Thespian and non-Thespian) that will be participating. Names of students are not needed for registration. Note that even if you show up with fewer students than you have registered, you will be responsible for paying for the number registered. The host school and organizers depend on accurate registration numbers to plan the day.  Schools bringing significantly fewer students than registered are subject to a $50 fine and/or being sanctioned from participation the following year.


9:00 A.M.        Registration Opens

9:45 A.M.        Welcome and Introductions

10:00 A.M.      Prep Time for Teams

10:30 A.M.     Troupe Director meeting

10:45 A.M.      Round I

11:45 A.M.      LUNCH

1:00 P.M.         Round II

2:00 P.M.         Final Performance and Design Presentation Round

3:30 P.M.         Awards

4:00 P.M.         Event End Time (Approximate)

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