Junior Thespians at InstaFest


A one day Improvisation Festival will be held annually the first Saturday of October or as approved by the State Board at the preceding State Conference. The Festival is open to Thespian and non-Thespian affiliated schools.


$10.00 fee inducted Junior Thespians

$12.00 for all others

Additionally, non-Thespian schools pay a $25.00 fee

A non-Thespian affiliated school will not be permitted to attend for more than two sequential years.

REGISTRATION: is available on-line at www.oregonthespians.org approximately one month before.

DEADLINE: One week before Festival Date.

PARTICIPATION DETAILS: Students attending the Improvisation Tournament will be placed in random groups of approximately seven team members, each member from a different troupe. The teams will consist of High School AND Middle School students. Teams are given a prop and an “inspiration” on which to base an improvisation. There will follow a period of short rehearsal, then two rounds of competition. No more than seven (7) teams and no less than five (5) teams will be in competition in the same section of the same round. At the beginning of each of the two preliminary rounds, an additional “inspiration” will be given to each team to be incorporated for that specific round. A final round of teams (no more than 8 groups) with the highest scores will be given one more “inspiration” and will present for the entire assembly of students. Ideally, all groups should contain more than five, but less than eight students or as allowed by the tournament director. The scene should not exceed five (5) minutes. In each new round the team is given up to one (1) minute to incorporate their new “inspiration.” No props or costumes (except those given as part of the “inspiration”) will be allowed. There will be one judge for each of the preliminary rounds and a set of three judges for the finals round. Each school attending the Improvisation Festival will identify, at the registration table, the final number attending. The expected goal is that no team will be judged by the same judge more than once, nor should any team compete against another team twice (when possible).


9:00-9:45 Registration

9:45-10:00 Agenda, Rules

10:00-10:35 Rehearsal

10:45 – 11:45 Round One

11:45 – 12:45 Lunch

1:00 – 1:45 Round Two

2:00 – 3:00 Finals

3:00 – 3:30 Entertainment by host school

3:30 – 3:45 Awards

Prepare Your Students ● Make sure students understand the basics of improv before attending. ● Prepare to participate with the High School students, and that they will most likely be in a group with all high schoolers.

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