The Oregon Theatre Educators Association (OTEA) is Oregon’s professional organization for teachers of theatre or theatre-related disciplines at all levels, elementary through secondary, as well as post-secondary theatre education students.  While the OTEA works year-round to provide support and advocacy for theatre education efforts in Oregon, the organization’s focus is its annual Fall Conference, typically held on the second Friday in October (designated by many districts as either an in-service or non-contract day).

OTEA is a program of the Oregon Chapter of the Educational Theatre Association.  The Chapter’s student-centered program is Oregon Thespians, while OTEA is a teacher-centered program.

Membership in OTEA is automatic for all adult members of EdTA, whether or not the member is affiliated with a Thespian Troupe.  EdTA offers several types of memberships, from Pre-Professional access (for college students) to Emeritus Memberships (for retired educators).  Click here for complete information.

Note that, by chartering a Thespian Troupe, one adult membership is granted for the designated Troupe Director.  Individual Memberships are also available for educators who are affiliated with a Thespian Troupe, or who have no Troupe affiliation.

While members receive a discounted rate at OTEA events and activities, participation is open to all theatre educators in Oregon.

OTEA activities are planned and executed by the Oregon Thespians Board of Directors.  This includes the annual Conference, a one or two-day session of workshops and resource sharing. An annual business meeting is held in conjunction with the Conference.

Registration for the Fall OTEA Conference is done online each Fall.

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