Early Entry Tech Feedback

Students who plan to enter in a Tech Category at State can bring (or send) their entry to Regionals, where it will receive initial feedback.

If you would like to participate in the Early Entry Tech Feedback program, you need to register your involvement with your Troupe’s Regionals registration.  Then, you just need to get your entry to your Regionals site.  More information will be sent to those who register.

This remains an entirely optional opportunity, as we continue to explore the possibilities of a Tech presence on the Regional level.

Click here for complete TECH ENTRY information, under the STATE tab on this site.

Optional Tech Theatre Design Feedback at Regionals:

Judges will provide feedback to Design competitors based on each event’s requirements. It is meant to provide student designers with an opportunity to get initial feedback on their completed projects, for both required elements and their design, PRIOR to submitting it for actual competition at State.

You are NOT required to submit work at Regionals for feedback in order to compete at State. You MAY compete at State WITHOUT submitting work at Regionals. Regionals is ONLY meant for additional feedback PRIOR to submitting your work for actual judging.

If you are planning to compete at State in Tech Theatre Design, you may submit your completed project by Regionals to get feedback from a judge who will be using the State rubric. Then, you will have time between Regionals and State to work on your project and submit the final design for actual judging at State.

Regionals will NOT be a State qualifier for Design, only feedback.

You do NOT have to submit designs at Regionals in order to compete at State.

Each Troupe is limited to 3 entries per Tech Event.

Judging will take place at State for National qualifying.

If you pay for Regional feedback, you do NOT pay again at State.

Each entry is $10 for Thespians, $12 for Non-Thespians.

If you are interested in qualifying your entry for Nationals, you should review the documents located at THIS EDTA SITE.

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