Leadership Summit

The 2018 Leadership Summit will be hosted at Ashland HS on Sept 22 and 23.  THE REGISTRATION DEADLINE HAS PASSED (name changes are allowed through Sept 20, contact Jeff Hall with questions).

Each Fall, Oregon Thespians hosts a Leadership Summit meeting of representatives from each of the state’s Thespian Troupes. The meeting is held on a Saturday and Sunday , and generally includes a special event (such as a professional performance).

This year’s event will be hosted at Ashland HS in Ashland.  All participants in the Leadership Summit will receive a ticket to the 8 pm performance of THE BOOK OF WILL at Oregon Shakespeare Festival.  So we can secure the tickets, we need to have numbers by September 6.  You can confirm WHO you are sending (and/or make name changes) through September 20.  We just need to know IF you are sending anyone by September 6.  Any other accommodations, travel, or additional theatre tickets  need to be arranged on your own.

Each active Thespian Troupe is invited to register TWO members to attend the Leadership Summit. Ideally, one participant is the Troupe President, and at least one of the two attending is a non-Senior. On Saturday, the group gathers for a series of ice-breakers and group discussions around issues relating to the student experience of Oregon Thespians. Dinner is provided. On Sunday morning, the group gathers (often at a different venue) for a more practical session of brainstorming and problem-solving. Specific goals are set for the coming year.

During the event, the delegates are treated to an event such as a local theatre performance.

There is no cost for participation in the Leadership Summit. The event is fully hosted by Oregon Thespians (minus whatever transportation or additional lodging may be required).    Registration is done online. To register, you will need to know the names of your two student delegates as well as their email addresses.

Although the event is free, a deposit of $70 (total, for two delegates) is required.  If your Troupe’s delegates attend and participate in the Leadership Summit successfully, this amount is credited to your Troupe’s registration for the State Festival.

This deposit system was deemed necessary due to an inordinate number of no-shows for this “free” event in the past, which resulted in a monetary loss to Oregon Thespians due to expenses made based on registrations.

Printable Handout/Letter for Participating Students


This is the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for Leadership Summit.  The pdf below can be printed and added to a hardcopy manual, if desired.  Check the version number of any hardcopies you have.  This is the most current version, but is still in need of revision.


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