Regionals SOP Manual

Highlights from the Manual:

  • If you are planning to participate in International Thespian Excellence Awards at the International Thespian Festival, review the documents found in EdTA’s Thespys™ Library located here.
  • Pantomime is not a National Event, though we will still have it in Oregon.
  • Similarly, there is only Group Musical at that National level, with no distinction between Large or Small.
  • We are using the same forms as last year, developed by EdTA for use at Nationals. See below.
  • All performers need to dress in “professional blacks,” consistent with the requirements at Nationals and at many other state’s events.  This requirement is the same as any other rule/guideline to which students are expected to adhere, with respect to consequences (students can still perform for feedback, but may not advance).
  • Students will continue to qualify to participate in Thespys™ by receiving one overall Superior Rating at Regionals or State (on the newest ballot).
  • Furniture allotments are as follows:  Solo events have only 1 chair; Duo events have 2 chairs; Group events have up to 6 chairs and a table.  The table is intended to be used as a table, not a platform or flat.  In Oregon, we consider Pantomime to be a Group event.
  • Reminder/Clarification: Material must be published and written for the STAGE only, no film or other source media will be permitted. Song cycles fall into the permitted category if they were written for the stage (and are published).
  • Clarification: A student may participate in more than one musical event (max 2), but not in more than one entry per any given musical event.

REGIONALS_SOP_1.4 (2019)



Non-Musical Events

Musical Events



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