Judges Training

The 2019 Judges Training Day will be held on January 12 at Rex Putnam HS in the North, and at McKay HS in the South.  REGISTER BY CLICKING HERE.

Judge training continues to be a priority in maximizing the educational value of all of our adjudicated events.  We need a roster of quality judges for Regionals, as well as State events.

Each Troupe is strongly encouraged to recruit qualified judges.   In the past, Troupe’s were obligated to bring a qualified judge with them to Regionals … one judge for each 10 entries or so.  Today, that requirement no longer fits the model of our training process, but Troupe Directors should consider it an equivalent obligation to contribute to the judging pool, relative to the number of students they bring to the event.

Judges who attend and successfully complete the training each January are given priority in terms of scheduling for that February’s regional events.  Previously Qualified judges are invited to attend as well (even if just the afternoon “practice session”).

Judges are not paid to attend the training day, which lasts from 10 am to 3 pm (lunch is provided).  Those traveling from more than 30 miles away are paid mileage.

Judges are paid $100 for working at Regionals (where there is no mileage allowance).  Additional judging opportunities exist in April at our State Festival in Salem.

Your first step in recruiting a qualified judge to the pool is to to get them to the Judge Training day in January!

Click here (or send a potential judge to this link) to register for the Training Day.

Click here to recommend a judge for us to recruit.


Sample ballots can be found on this page.



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