State Showcase Auditions

Troupe Directors must confirm participation for any entries who have qualified for the State Showcase Auditions.  Click here to confirm participation by March 1.

The State Showcase Auditions for Oregon begin at the Regional Acting Competition, where the top 10% in each event (following the two or three schedule preliminary rounds for that event) are deemed superior and named Showcase Audition Qualifiers.

This designation also qualifies these entries to participate in the International Thespian Excellence Awards Showcase at the International Thespian Festival in June. (Note that some Oregon rules and events vary from Thespys, and not all events are held at ITFest).

At State, each entry performs one time before a team of two judges.  These judges provide adjudication and then consult to select two entries (or 10% of the number of entries, whichever is greater) to represent that event in the State Showcase.

The State Showcase Auditions typically happen on the Thursday of the State Festival, between Noon and 5 pm.  The day and time of the State Showcase itself can vary from year to year. All those participating in the auditions are encouraged to register and participate in the State Festival, but this is not required.

Troupe Directors must confirm their entries’ participation in the State Showcase Auditions, following Regionals and before the State Deadline.

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